Chicken and Waffles: Low Carb Southern Comfort Food

Chicken and Waffles: Low Carb Southern Comfort Food

Chicken and waffles are classic southern comfort products, which I have prepared with a low carbohydrate content. This recipe is easy to prepare, especially if you’ve prepared it beforehand, and so tasty that you’ll feel like you’re in a country kitchen. It is a dance of spicy, creamy, sweet, salty, crispy and tender friendliness. And it has only 10 pure carbohydrates per giant serve.
For this recipe you need: low-carb waffles, low-carb chicken strips, low-carb cream, low-carb maple syrup, adobo chipotle, butter, bacon.
Chicken and Waffles: Low Carb Southern Comfort Food
So, after making this recipe for low-carb waffle chicken, I sat down and ate it with a cup of coffee. They were treated and photographed until it was cold and a little damp, but as any writer will tell you, I’m used to eating like this. Actually, it was a good habit for Food Writer to be a mother. None of them get hot food.
But I’m retiring.
I sat down with a sigh and drew a cup of fresh black coffee on me. I warmed it up three times and I could never have warmed it up again. It probably had enough microwave energy to glow in the dark. I cut a waffle to get a piece of chicken and I put it in the sauce and syrup.
Oh, God, it was good. Lazy, even.
I was getting ready to take my second bite when I felt my eyes were on me. Not dog eyes – I’m used to them – but human eyes. When I looked up, I saw my granddaughter looking at my plate and I even did a pretty good imitation of my dog looking at my plate.
You want some?
She nodded lustfully and sat down. I turned away from doing anything, and when I got back to the table, my food was gone. Normally my family doesn’t eat anything low-carb. I swear she licked the sign.
The low-carb chicken and waffle recipe is a dance of sweetness, crunchiness, saltiness, spices and tenderness.
Low-carb chicken and waffles is one of my favorites. It’s so crowded that if I could really eat something, I’d be stuffed like a Thanksgiving turkey.  I swear I haven’t eaten in a day or two. And the advantage for my granddaughter, who polishes them for the first time, is that the second game I ate was hot, so it was a victory.
Most people don’t use sauce on chicken and waffles, as far as I know. I’m not used to it either, but one day, when we were travelling, I ordered chicken and waffles (not low in carbohydrates) in a small café. In the blink of an eye the waiter walked out with a large plate full of waffles the size of Goliath, a pile of fried chicken strips and a lake maple syrup filled with the richest, spiciest cream sauce I have ever put in my mouth.
It changed my life.
So now I add the chipotle to the cream sauce and the chicken and waffles to the cream sauce. If you don’t want to, you can leave it alone and avoid using a carburettor. But I don’t recommend it, because you’re missing this delicious taste and texture.
Just trust me. Just trust me. Add the sauce.
It only takes a few seconds, because I keep the waffles and the chicken in the freezer and the sauce in the fridge. It’s just a matter of installation and heating.
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0-carbohydrate maple syrup adds sweetness to this chicken and waffle recipe. If you don’t have a waffle iron, this is the Belgian waffle iron I have, and it NEVER sticks. I like her.
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Low carbohydrate Chicken and Waffle Recipe
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Low carbohydrate Chicken and waffles
A southern classic for easy, low-carb meals. Soft, juicy chicken is covered with a crispy crust and placed on a low-carb wafer with zero-carbon maple syrup. Creamy cream, with tips and a little chipotle, is poured from above and the crispy bacon crumbles over it. Incredibly good!
Breakfast of dishes, dinner/light lunch.
Southern cuisine
Cooking time 5 minutes
Cooking time 5 minutes
Total duration 10 minutes
Serves 1 serving
Calories 496 kcal

  • Boil the bacon until it’s crispy.
  • Cut the cooked bacon into slices.
  • Heat the waffles and the chicken in the oven to make them crispy.
  • When the waffle heats up, the creamy sauce is heated and incorporated into the chipotle puree.
  • Put the waffle on the big plate.
  • Lubricate with oil.
  • Pour 0 carbon fibre maple syrup on top.
  • Put a hot chicken on it.
  • Spread the chicken with hot sauce.
  • Sprinkle the bacon with a crumble.

calories: 496kcal | carbohydrates: 16g | protein: 32g | fat: 72g | saturated fat: 23g | cholesterol: 352mg | sodium: 1420mg | potassium: 504mg | fiber: 6g | sugar: 2g | vitamin A : 1925IU | Vitamin C: 0.4 mg | Calcium: 263 mg | Iron: 4.6 mg
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